Workshops organized for Students 18-19

Sr. No.

Name & Details of the Guest


Participating Class


1. Prof. R. J. Shimpi

Prof. M. S. Deole

Prof. P. D. Lokhande

Workshop on Arduino TE 16 to


2. Prof. D. M. Raut

Prof. K. V. Karad

Prof. S. M. Rakshit

Workshop on PCB TE 16 to


3. Dr. H. Y. Patil

Prof. M. S. Deole

Prof. Rashmi Chandwadkar

Industry Orientated software training workshop BE 20 to


4. Dr. S. P. Agnihotri Workshop on PLC Programming & IO Interface BE 28 &

31-01- 19

5. Mrs. H. H. Kulkarni Workshop on Open CV BE 28-01-2019 & 23-03-2019
6. Dr. H Y Patil, IIT Vellore Workshop on Python BE 15-03-2019
7. Prof. S. M. Rakshit Workshop on Audio Video Engineering BE 22-03-2019
8. Prof. K. V.Karad Workshop on Mobile Communication BE 22-03-2019
9. Mr. Sumit Patil, Entuple Technologies, Pune Workshop on Cadence VLSI Tool SE 6 to